David has experience in cases dealing with personal injuries arising from car crashes, bike crashes, slip and fall injuries, child abuse, psychological neglect or abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse and employment related matters such as wage and hour cases, sexual harassment, race, religious or other forms of discrimination, family medical leave and disability discrimination.David Paul

In Eng v. Department of Human Services, David negotiated a settlement in a federal civil rights case worth nearly one million dollars for a child injured by poor foster care.  In two other recent federal civil rights cases, David negotiated a record-breaking two million dollar settlement for twins injured by poor foster care.  David settled these cases while also going to trial against Fred Meyer in 2009 where he won a six figure verdict for a woman where Fred Meyer had destroyed evidence showing the source of a client’s fall.  Sometimes we must let the jury system do its job.  This is the calling of the trial lawyer.

Your case is as distinct as you and your circumstances.  This is not a cookie cutter law office. What works for you and your situation is not necessarily what will work for others.  When you call or email, we will confer and discuss an appropriate follow up that will allow us to evaluate your specific inquiry. Please have pertinent dates and names at the ready when you contact us.  We do not use a questionnaire as your situation may not fit a pre-printed form.

All legal claims have a time deadline or statute of limitations.  You should not delay seeking a lawyer’s advice if you think you need a legal representative.

David has prevailed as lead counsel for clients in securing recoveries well in excess of $35 million dollars to date.  Yet the hallmark of a good lawyer is to treat each case individually.  That is the mission of this firm.  You will be the basis of our future success.