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Holes In The Lifeboat for At-risk Children. Report

  • January 28, 2010 12:08 pm

The DHS today released its heavily edited version of its preliminary investigation into the tragic death of Janette Maples. The agency brass has admitted to missing the threat of harm to a 13 year old girl. The problems started at least three years before her death. The calls to the child abuse hot line were largely disregarded, in part because this precious child was considered old enough to fend for herself. This despite the fact that she had prior issues of being abused in California AND the agency knew she was being home-schooled and lacked the usual contacts with teachers and school peers.

There are too many holes in the lifeboat for these at-risk children.

This report  leaves little doubt that we will need to seek all the assistance we can get from outside resources. The state has acknowledged this now. But didn’t they know much sooner? Let us all pay more attention to our surrounding community and act to preserve child safety and health. Here is a link to the report. The state blacked out sensitive information relating in part to the ongoing criminal cases against the alleged perpetrators.

It has been a busy year ….. this week!

  • January 12, 2010 3:14 pm

Hi all:

Here it is .. the first of 2010 … a new firm…and a new series of important developments to share with you.

David Paul PC. is alive and well here at the same address and same phone.  Same great staff here too.  Christy has been with me over 12 years and it shows.  My new email is easy to recall:  First of all, thanks for your patience as we ramp up and install new systems and tune up  some style points.  We are very grateful to the assistance from the people that have helped us get to this point.

Send a note.  Check the site.   Snoop around.

Despite my raging optimism, there are news items that are difficult to grasp. There is no easy way to say it.  2010 has already had some heart-crushing news. There have been, in late December and early January, at least two murders of innocent children in our community.   And two sets of parents/caregivers have been  charged and are in custody.

Here is a Susan Goldsmith news story that the Oregonian ran concerning the tragic case in Eugene and a needless death that DHS should have and likely could have prevented.  The calls for help from another  Oregon teen went unheeded.  She was tortured and murdered…. OPB radio followed up with a call-in show in the wake of this news story that allowed a lot of community members to voice their frustrations in dealing with DHS. Here is a link to that broadcast.

Another murder occurred in Troutdale. the victim was reportedly three years old. There were six children in the home, and the parents were aged 24 and 27.

At the same time, Steve Duin published in his Oregonian column about the need for DHS to become more mindful of the plight of vulnerable children.  These stories are all based on the undeniable truth.  We must rally our resources, as limited as they are, and put the plight of vulnerable children at the top of our priority list. Only when the legislature, the Govenor, The Attorney General all act in concert can we gain the upper hand on this problem. The DHS needs resources (the otherwise stellar story by Ms. Goldsmith just got this quote wrong…ouch), the agency needs leadership and the senseless neglect and abuse must be stopped.  There is no way that our community can tolerate violence, and especially not violence against children.

I will do everything I can to stop this problem and look for solutions. You have my commitment.